Dr Rashmi Bansal

Consultant Psychiatrist and Psychogeriatrician

Dr Rashmi Bansal is a Consultant Psychiatrist and Psychogeriatrician. Her main areas of interests are older adult’s mental health and cognitive disorders including screening for dementia.

Dr Bansal completed her medical training from India and was a gold medallist. She completed her specialist training in anaesthetics and has diverse clinical experience in the field of medicine since 2003.

After relocating to Australia, she pursued Psychiatry. She developed an inclination to Psychiatry as this is a unique combination of science and art. She has a special interest in the mental health issues of the older adults and the complex interplay of depression, anxiety and cognitive disorders. She has done research in the field of somatoform disorders in the older adults.

She is a fellow of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists and member of the Faculty of Psychiatry of Old Age.

Her focus is on a holistic model of care to promote recovery and enhance health literacy. She endeavours to provide open and effective communication with her patients, family and caregivers as a crucial part of her clinical practice. She is an advocate of biopsychosocial approach to diagnose and treat mental illness and endorses a judicious approach to medications. She offers her patients access to the latest evidence-based practices, including neurostimulation treatments in Psychiatry particularly Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation.

Dr Bansal is providing outpatient and inpatient services at Robina private hospital. She hopes to expand her practice to include visits to residential aged care facilities

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