Dr Sujatha Rao

Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Sujatha Rao completed her specialist psychiatric training in the United Kingdom, prior to embarking on her career in Singapore in 2007. She relocated to Australia in 2018 and subsequently attained her Fellowship. She has extensive experience in Adult Mental Health and specializes in early intervention and mental health in young adults with a special interest in mood, psychotic and anxiety disorders.

Dr Rao has worked with the Early Psychosis Intervention team (EPIP) and Support for Wellness Achievement Programme (SWAP) at the Institute of Mental Health, Singapore since 2007, where she was the Deputy Chief and subsequently the Clinical Director and Head of Department. She has worked in both youth and adult inpatient and community settings in Singapore and Australia. She developed her passion and interest for early intervention, mental health literacy and empowerment of patients and caregivers through her extensive work with young and older adults with a wide range of mental health
problems including psychosis, mood disorders, OCD, anxiety disorders and PTSD. In particular, she has worked closely with patients experiencing psychosis. She believes in a holistic approach to treatment encompassing a strength-based approach to aid recovery.

Dr. Rao’s academic interests in teaching and education are reflected by her previous appointments in Singapore as an Assistant Professor with DUKE-NUS Graduate Medical School and Clinical Senior Lecturer with National University of Singapore.

She offers telehealth consultations and works with the Gold Coast Health service.

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